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Paintings Galleries

To enter the galleries click on one of the images below.

To purchase an original painting, click on the purchase link located on the lower right side of the images. You will be redirected to Paypal to checkout or to continue shopping. An original painting can only be sold once on Paypal. If you are unable to finalize the purchase more than likely the painting has been sold. In some cases the painting has to be crated and shipped by insured freight or UPS. If you are reasonably close to Greenwood, SC, I will deliver the painting. All paintings are sold unframed.

Some galleries are simply for viewing without any purchasing methods implemented.

If you have a question please email me, Fred Galloway at:

Thank you for visiting.

Studio PaintingsPlein-Air Gallery One Plein-Air Gallery Two Daily Paintings Behold the Lamb of God
For God So Loved the World Adoration of the Shepherds Finding Christ My Sins Are Washed Away By His Stripes You Are Healed