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Artist Fred Galloway

Hello and welcome to my website!

I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings and photographs. Painting and drawing for me has now become a life long endeavor. I guess, for that as long as I am able, I'll be painting, drawing and taking pictures.

Lander University and Erskine College has given me the opportunity to teach as an adjucnt professor. I have found that I enjoy teaching and the interaction I have with students. It has been a challenge switching from a high-paced production environment in textiles to an educational environment with all of the preparation needed for the classroom.

As well as teaching and painting, I enjoy capturing images with digital photograhy. Photoshop was one of the programs used in textile design, thus making me familiar with it before I got involved in digital photography. With the transition from exclusively open-air painting to working in the studio, I have found it necessary to take my own photographs and to use those photographs in Photoshop to create compositional studies. Now, I work professionally in product photography and have begun compiling a portfolio of landscape, floral and micro photography which may be found in this website.

The transition to studio painting has brought a new discipline: patience. Open-air painting has always been a process of working quickly and using thick brush strokes. The result has usually been brightly colored canvasses with brush strokes that closely resemble the Impressionist style of painting. My new studio work has more qualities of realism including smoother strokes. Trying to keep the colors bright and airy has been the hardest part of the transition. Many times during the course of a painting, I will take the painting outside to help view the colors in natural light in order to help the colors relate and to keep them from becoming localized. When practicing open air paintings, I paint using oils on either gessoed paper or canvas. After selecting a scene to paint, I work within a particular time, returning day after day until the painting is finished, hopefully capturing the essence of the natural light.

I received a BFA and an MA from East Carolina University and spent one year living in New York City studying in the various museums.